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Set Sail for Adventure!

Updated: May 8, 2023

Are you ready for the epic journey into the Bermuda Triangle? Well, it's time to batten down the hatches and secure for heavy seas! The Pirate's Curse, Book 6 of The Veritas Codex Series is now available for pre-order and goes LIVE on May 16th!

Lauren Grayson has investigated Bigfoot, the Mayan apocalypse, even UFOs. But she never expected to find herself at the mercy of pirates…

When the Oceanic Channel's newest research vessel, the Explorer of the Deep, goes missing on its maiden voyage to the Bermuda Triangle, television investigator Dr. Lauren Grayson and the Veritas Codex Crew are asked to investigate. Paired with oceanographer Trevor Thorpe and his crew from sister-show Expedition: Nautilus, they set off to find the network’s missing million-dollar ship.

Soon after they embark, a mysterious storm descends, and the Nautilus is fired upon by what appears to be a seventeenth-century pirate ship. Lauren is taken prisoner by the infamous Captain James "Jackdaw" Childers—who looks disturbingly like her husband. But there couldn't be any connection between this wicked monster and her husband. Right?

Lauren learns that the ship and its crew have been damned by powerful forces that blame Childers for the abduction of a beloved mermaid—and want revenge. Can Lauren survive the pirate's curse? Or will she be lost in the Bermuda Triangle forever?

What readers are saying about The Pirate's Curse:

“In the sixth book of the Veritas Codex series, The Pirates Curse, author Betsey Kulakowski takes her readers and her characters to times and places they have never been before. The perils of time travel have never been so vivid or fraught with consequences. Even the nicest gods have a limited amount of patience with humans infringing in their domain, and the other kind can be downright nasty. Find a safe place to cuddle up and read this fascinating and frightening adventure. I might even suggest a cup of hot tea to complete the experience— with or without brandy.” Rick Ludwig, author of Eyes of the Beholder

“The Pirate’s Curse is a thoroughly enjoyable addition to the Veritas Code series. I have enjoyed reading each book in the series, and the author does a wonderful job of building on previous stories without the repetitive retelling of the series’ story arcs. Lauren and Rowan Pierce’s family continues to grow, and with it, each member plays a part in their next adventure. And if you like pirate stories, this is a nice one with plenty of twists and turns, plus the protagonists must take significant risks to come back together as a family—great story, a great author, and highly recommended. I’m looking forward to the next.” Mark Edward Jones, author of Peculiar Activities and Shadowed Souls

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