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Let the Games Begin!

I am a HUGE fan of any and every Olympic Sport (okay, maybe not basketball or soccer- sorry, just not my jam) and I will always cheer for team USA. But, many of you may not know, that I am a former archer, archery coach and judged. I was a USA Archery certified Level 2 Coach and judged a number of local events in my day.

Archery is a sport of subtle details and I cannot watch a movie or TV show with someone using a bow without critiquing their form. Most miss hitting their anchor point, or close one eye while aiming. While my own form wasn't perfect, and I didn't shoot Olympic-style recurve (I'm a traditional bare bow shooter), I did enjoy winning several honors, including Southern Sectional Division for Women's Barebow, and a couple medals, I think my greatest honor was serving as a line judge for the Endeavor Games, which allows archers with functional needs to compete at a very high level.

My lovely friend, Babette shot this even with her teeth and she's amazing! All the athletes were. It just goes to show you, that you can't live your life with limits. If there's something you want to do, get out there and do it. You will either find a way, or find an excuse!


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