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Ice, Ice, Baby!

Just when you think 2020 can’t come up with anything else to throw at us, the hits just keep on coming!

October 2020 saw the earliest ice storm hit the state of Oklahoma, leaving over 400,000 itiliry customers without electricity and thousands without cable/internet. A week later, my “day job” is still powerless. Tree limbs fell all over, including our home and my business. It looks like a twister has been through here.

Today, though, it was 70 and sunny. That’s Oklahoma for you.

I’m hoping this weather will hold out a few more days. This weekend (Nov 7th), I’ll have a merch table at the Boggy Bottom Bigfoot Conference - outdoors. While I’m excited to find my tribe, sell some books and sign some autographs, I’m probably even more excited by the fact that this is a fundraiser for the Coalgate HS robotics program. As a band mom who organized dozens of fundraising events, I never imagined hosting a Bigfoot Conference! Talk about brilliant! I am 100% behind that kind of ingenuity. So if you’re looking for something to do Saturday, and you happen to be out and about in southern Oklahoma, why not stop by and say hi? it’s for the children!!

by? It’s for the children!

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