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Character Interviews: Lauren Grayson, PhD

A few weeks ago on social media, I offered guests the chance to ask questions for the protagonist of the Veritas Codex Series, Dr. Lauren Grayson. I got a few questions PM'd to me, and I figured this is the best way to share the interview. Enjoy:

TK: Lauren, you're a pretty tough chick, but what's the worst part of spending weeks in the wilderness on your expeditions?

LG: (laughing) My first reaction is the lack of adequate bathing facilities. Everyone knows I like a good bubble bath, but honestly, that's not even the worst of it. It always seems like we end up in caves and I'm terribly claustrophobic, so that's a real challenge for me.

LS: What's your favorite place you've ever done an investigation, and why?

LG: Oh, that's a tough one. We've traveled to almost 100 countries, and to some of the most remote parts of the world. If I had to pick one moment, it would be the day we reached base camp in Nepal. Seeing the sunset on the peak of Everest with a full moon behind it was truly magical. I feel almost the same way about Mt. Saint Helens, too. I loved the Highlands of Scotland, and not just because I got to see Rowan in a kilt. Clearly, my heart is in the mountains. I just feel like that's where my batteries get recharged and I can clear my head. Everest was the most extreme dose of "thin air therapy" ever though. So any investigation that takes me to the mountains makes me happy.

BR: What was the worst, most terrifying episode for you to film?

LG: For me, it was the episode in Nepal. Just the effort to get to South Base Camp at 17,000 feet, is just a nightmare. First, we had to fly from San Diego to Katmandu. Then we flew to Lukla airport (in a pretty small airport), which is considered the most dangerous airport in the world. That flight was terrifying. I think I actually kissed the ground when I got out of that bucket of bolts. We hiked about six hours the first day just to get to Namchee Bazaar. It was brutal in the altitude. We spent a whole day there to rest and get acclimated, though we did make a short hike up to get our first view of Everest. It was rough going from there. We were supposed to spend 14 days on that expedition, but Rowan got hurt on day seven, and we had to cut things short. I had no delusions about that being an easy episode to film, but crossing giant crevices on ice ladders ... no thank you.

PE: What's the one mystery you've never gotten to investigate that's on your bucket list?

LG: I find the whole Knights Templars legend provocative. The theory that they were involved in protecting the bloodline of Jesus has been presented as a fictional tale by modern day authors, but we have found that some of the greatest legends are founded in historical truth. That's one I'd like to look into.

If you haven't met Lauren Grayson, check out The Veritas Codex Series, available where ever you find books (eBooks and audiobooks, too). The Veritas Codex, The Jaguar Queen and The Alien Accord are the first three books in this exciting paranormal series. Book 4, The Monk's Grimoire should be out by the end of the year. More exciting adventures will follow! Start your journey to the truth today! Follow me on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter too! The links can be found on my main website at

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