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Where Will Adventure Take You??

After spending a week in the hometown of the Exploration Channel -- San Deigo, CA -- I am happy to be home and it was an adventure getting there (story recounted on my social media channels, if you care to check it out.)

I had to be home because I had a lot going on Saturday! I did a presentation at the OKC Library for LitFest and sold a few books. Then I went over to Full Circle Books to celebrate my friend Lara Bernhardt's best-selling new release, Red Rain. (I've read it! It's wonderful! You should read it, too!) I got caught up on my sleep and spent today getting my nails done and prepping for the week ahead.

But enough about me. Have you heard? The WriterCon Cruise is back, baby! In April 2023, we'll be setting sail again for a weeklong intensive writer's retreat - at sea! I'm already working to make it fit in my schedule and I can't wait! Look, I've been told there are only 4 spots available! So don't wait! Sign up today!

I learned so much AND I found my publisher because of the WriterCon Cruise in 2020. We made memories and we made some terrific friends thanks to the WriterCon Cruise. It was an adventure that opened so many doors for me, and I hope it will for you too. For more info, go to

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