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Welcome to 2021

There were a lot of things in 2020 that made it the worst year ever. We all know the big ones: pandemic, civil unrest, The Tiger King, you know...bad stuff. But 2020 was not without its merits. Good things happened amongst the tragedies. We got to travel to some beautiful places before the lockdown kicked in. A cruise to Roatan and Cozumel was not only relaxing but productive. It was on that trip that I got my publishing contract. Six months later The Veritas Codex was released. Pre-orders for The Jaguar Queen are now open and Book 2 officially releases January 12th ... just 11 days from now. Book 3 is written and the editing work will begin soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve started the new year with the first draft of another book in the series. sometimes you start one and it just just doesn’t take hold, but I have a good feeling about this one. It feels like Book 4 (that I wrote in less than a month.) if I can stay focused, I can get half of it written this weekend. Fingers crossed! Hope everyone has a happy, healthy and productive 2021!

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