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The Veritas Codex HQ is complete!

A little over a month ago, I started a little home renovation project. I entered this enterprise dubious because we have a history of starting projects and never getting them finished. This time would be different.

It started with a decision to take our son's bedroom -- he's in college and has his own place now -- and turn it into our guest bedroom. That would be phase one. Phase two would turn our former guest room into my writing retreat, or The Veritas Codex HQ. I write on my laptop so I really can work anywhere, but I didn't have a good space for zoom meetings, video podcast recordings or anything of the like.

Phase one took almost a month to complete because I needed to paint, clean out the kid's closet (all the stuff he didn't take) and get new flooring installed. I found all kinds of great ideas on Pinterest (yes, there is a page for each of my books on Pinterest if you'd like to see where some of my inspiration comes from). I thought the effort was going to kill me. It's a huge room and I am- ehem - old and decrepit. (It's true.) But we got it done.

Phase two began a week later - not as much to do. It already had a good wood-laminate floor, but it needed to be cleaned out and a fresh coat of paint. It also needed a new light fixture and curtains, as well as a generous bookcase, because let's face it, authors are readers and I also have a lot of book-related swag I'd like to showcase.

I recognize that I am a lucky woman. I have a husband who is super handy, and he had new outlets and new light fixture in before I could say, "Bob's your uncle!" The bookcase was an adventure in and of itself, but I found what I wanted and got it assembled (with only a little bit of cussing - okay, maybe a lot). I'm working with a temporary desk, but this is good for now. I'm also adding a few techy things to help with the podcasting. I got an external mic, ring lights and the like. I'll upgrade as we go, but I've got a good start.

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