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The Lost Templar is coming!

December 6th is the scheduled release date for The Lost Templar, book 5 of The Veritas Codex Series.

Dr. Lauren Grayson has spent her entire life searching for the truth about unsolved mysteries. But learning the secrets of her past could be dangerous—especially if they erase her future.

While working on the season finale of her investigative TV show, The Veritas Codex, Lauren returns home to Eastern Oklahoma. She plans to take her growing sons on a safe investigation—hunting for the elusive Skunk Ape. But her investigation encounters bizarre, unexplained twists when her sons find a cave filled with ancient runes. Lauren reads the cryptic words, unintentionally creating a rift in the fabric of time. Lauren and her sons are hurled to a mysterious location where she finds Tsul’Kalu, her Sasquatch spirit guide, and a band of lost Templars.

As Lauren’s health declines—an effect of temporal displacement—her sons fight to learn the secrets of a sacred treasure the Templars have sworn to protect. But one rogue member of the Templar party has other plans for the treasure and will stop at nothing to prevent Lauren and her friends from discovering it.

Can Lauren uncover the secrets that have been withheld her entire life, make peace with the past, get her family back to the present, and protect their future? Join the quest for The Lost Templar today!

Watch for pre-order information coming very soon!

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