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The Devil had it coming...

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

...and there's Hell to pay!

It's finally here! The Monk's Grimoire will be officially published on March 1st! You can pre-order now (and there's a link on my website.) I'll tell you a little secret about TMG. This is the book that I wrote in 24 days. (Which is probably why we've spent so much time on edits. LOL) I have learned to become an efficient writer. It doesn't hurt that I type superfast. When I found a holiday weekend that was a little cool and rainy, I made a pot of coffee, sat up on my back patio with my laptop, iPad and phone and I started with a single thought, the devil had it coming.

I had just found my publisher and we'd come up with the title for the first book and he suggested maybe they should all have "Codex" in the title. I'd heard about the Devil's Codex, and it seemed like the next logical book in the series (I'd already written six of them, but I had some room to plug this one in). If you've ever heard me on a podcast, you've probably heard me say I don't write books in order. I write in circles. I'm always looking for ways to bring things full circle, and this book was a flash of inspiration. That first weekend I pounded out 20K words and had a very clear vision of the ending.

Of course, things change as you edit other books, and that required additional plot changes and tweaks and I couldn't be any more excited to bring you The Monk's Grimoire.

As it stands right now, there are 11 books in the series. Yes, I have written 11 books. I'm trying to figure out where I can plug one more in because I have a thing for numbers, and I just have to have 12. So, if you were wondering, yes, there are plenty more books to come!

Now, get out there and pre-order your copy of The Monk's Grimoire! I hope you enjoy it.

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