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Thank you, Mrs. Dobie...

October 5 - International World Teacher's Day

I'm often asked what made me want to become an author. I don't know that I really have an answer for that. I have always been an author, even when "life got in the way". I do remember a few defining moments though. One that stands out goes back to my high school English teacher, Mrs. Dobie. I don't remember all the writing assignments she gave us, but I remember that she always had great critiques. She called my papers "creative" and "amusing". But the thing I remember most is what she wrote in my year book. "I don't know if you're brilliant or just touched. Keep writing and let's find out."

I'm still trying to find the answer to that question. But today, on International World Teacher's Day, I'd like to thank every teacher who's ever touched my life. You may not realize the impact you've had on me but I do. From Mr. Hill, my high school band director, who taught me the meaning of the word 'discipline' to Mr. Owen, my ancient medieval history teacher who always had the best hippie jokes; to Mr. Downey, my son's high school band director who reminded me how much fun marching band was. Teachers have and continue to make a lasting impact on who I am, not only as a writer, but a human being.

If you are a teacher, thank you.

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