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Spooky Season Is Coming

It's really hard to get into the spooky season when it's 95 degrees outside, but the first nip of fall is in the air and aside from the rampant allergies this is my favorite time of the year.

I'm also excited for the upcoming release of Autumn Tales 2! This horror anthology with a heart has drawn more than double the original authors to bring you some spooky tales of terror, all the while helping out a good cause.

Proceeds from Amazon sales of Autumn Tales 2 will be donated to Collective Liberty, a non-profit organization that fights human trafficking.

My entry - CITY OF THE DEAD - is a tale of time travel, vampires and mortal combat. It's The Vampire Chronicles, meets Quantum Leap, meets Highlander and you're going to want to sink your teeth into everything this anthology has to offer.

Stay tuned for updates! Details coming soon!

Be the first to know when my next book is available! Follow me at to get an alert whenever I have a new release, preorder, or discount! (And I'll return the favor.)

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