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Just Another Day in Paradise

Ever wonder what publication day looks like for an Author? I always thought it would be some kind of mad, magical day full of media interviews, morning talk shows and book signings.

This week I saw my 7th release day (Five novels, two novella/anthologies) and I will say, it is a magical day, and I wouldn't trade days like these for anything, but it's really not much different from a normal day in the Kulakowski House.

December 6th marked the release of The Lost Templar, book 5 of The Veritas Codex Series and I was up late the night before learning how to make a book trailer and scheduling a few posts to herald the morning of my Book Birthday. It was a Tuesday, so it was a workday. I woke up about an hour earlier than I had to, and I laid there for that whole hour trying not to be too excited.

After a shower and shine, I had about 30 minutes to watch the news and scan my social media (to make sure I don't have any typos after they post). I love seeing all the hearts and likes on the various media platforms I'm on (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) then I hop over to Amazon to look for any new reviews from ARC readers and check to see the sales ranking. I'm in luck! I'm in the top 500-600 in my categories and 100,000 overall. (I'll check again at lunch, and again when I get home from work).

But work demands my attention and it's off to the office where I spend the next eight and a half or so hours with QuickBooks rather than books. It's a typical work-a-day and I'm happy when I get home and see that we've broken the 500 marks in all categories. Not bad for the first day.

Dinner is popcorn and a Coke Zero while I update my social media and check in with my kiddos. I manage to get about thirty minutes of writing in, but I'm too distracted with social media alerts and chats with fellow authors and friends checking in to see how it's going.

With a pretty decent day behind me, I decide I've earned a bubble bath, so I have one before putting on my jammies and climbing into bed for 10 minutes of Candy Crush and an episode of Travel with Rick Steves (one of my favorite shows) on Create.

It's been a good day, and I'm looking forward to many more.

Find the latest addition to The Veritas Codex Series at Full Circle Book Store and Deer Clan Books in Oklahoma City, or your favorite online book seller. You can also request copies from your local independent bookstore and library. (The Veritas Codex is "print on demand" so you may have to order it, but that saves the trees, and you know Lauren would love that.)

If you like the book and/or the series, tell a friend, and post your five-star review where you purchased or on Good Reads. That helps me get the word out about my books and helps new readers find me.

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