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It's Publication Day!

It's hard to believe I am now the "mother of five"! The Lost Templar is now out in the world, and you can come along! It has been a little over two years since The Veritas Codex was launched (Sept 2020), and that pre-publication excitement never goes away. I feel like a kid on Christmas eve!

For those of you who are new to my imaginary world, allow me to introduce you to my work:

Book 1 - The Veritas Codex - Lauren Grayson is a scientist trying to make a living on cable television. On an investigation in the Pacific Northwest, Lauren goes missing and is gone for 10 days. When she returns, she is badly injured and has no memory of what happened, but all the evidence points to her being abducted by Bigfoot. So... was it Bigfoot? Aliens? Pity she can't remember.

Book 2 - The Jaguar Queen - on the eve of the so-called Mayan Apocalypse of 2012, the Network decides they just have to have a show on the phenomenon. Unable to travel, Lauren's team is deployed without her. They encounter a secret saboteur with his eye on ancient treasures. He's willing to resort to anything--including murder.

Back home, Lauren falls ill, becomes feverish, and exhibits erratic, inexplicable behavior. She has a vision involving an ancient queen about to be sacrificed, and Lauren somehow draws her into the modern era. Could this woman be the fabled Jaguar Queen--the Goddess Who Fell from the Sky? While Rowan deals with threats to his team, Lauren uncovers shocking truths--and the saboteur launches plans that put her in deadly danger. Can Lauren save herself, her team, and the world? Can she discover the hidden forces she needs to avert a catastrophic conclusion? Can the prophesied doomsday be averted?

Book 3 - The Alien Accord - Are aliens really you there? Are you sure you want to know? Lauren's older brother Michael has always been the thorn in her side -- promising to find aliens before she does. As a telescope engineer for NASA, he might just do it. But his mentor -- A Russian Cosmonaut -- is murdered just as he reveals that aliens definately exist. To boot, Michael's team has stumbled across mysterious symbols from space. A bizarre series of events leads Michael to come to his sister for help. Can they two of them put their differences aside and work together to save the world?

The Krampus Conspiracy (Appears in Christmas Tapestry: A Collection of Holiday Tales) - Lauren and Rowan are in Paris to attend a prestigious awards ceremony when they are called away to help investigate a missing child and a murdered priest. The prime suspect? Krampus, the Christmas Devil.

Book 4 - The Monk's Grimoire - While on sabbatical in Egypt, Lauren is approached by a mysterious professor who claims to have found a missing page of the Devil's Codex with Lauren's name inscribed in the ancient text. This sets Lauren off on a dangerous search to find the remaining missing pages, and if Lauren can't find them before the Devil gets his hands on them, there will be hell to pay!

Book 5 - The Lost Templar - Lauren has spent her entire life searching for the truth about unsolved mysteries. But learning the secrets of her past could be dangerous—especially if they erase her future. Returning to Southeast Oklahoma Lauren plans to take her growing family on a "safe" investigation for the elusive skunk ape. But the investigation takes a startling turn when her boys find a cave filled with ancient runes. When Lauren reads the ancient text, it opens up a tear in time. Lauren and her sons are hurled to a mysterious location where she finds Tsul’Kalu, her Sasquatch spirit guide, and a band of lost Templars.

Lauren and her sons fight to learn the secrets of a sacred treasure the Templars have sworn to protect. But one rogue member of the Templar party has other plans for the treasure and will stop at nothing to prevent Lauren and her friends from discovering it. Can Lauren uncover the secrets that have been withheld her entire life, make peace with the past, get her family back to the present, and protect their future?

If you have a passion for adventure, paranormal mysteries and ancient legends then The Veritas Codex Series is for you!

Join the team today! (Available wherever fine books are sold!) In OKC, you can find my books on the shelf at Full Circle Bookstore and Deer Clan Books! The Veritas Codex Paranormal Thriller Series (5 book series) Kindle Edition (

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