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If you are a writer (or want to be), you need to be at WriterCon 2021!

If you are or want be a writer, this is the one investment in your future career that is worth every penny! I got my start at WriterCon and you can too! The event is held Labor Day weekend at the Skirvin Hotel in Oklahoma City, and a virtual option is available so you can participate from anywhere in the world.

I was six-years-old when I wrote my first book. I always knew I wanted to write, but when I decided to get serious about getting published, I was daunted and had no idea where to start. That was when I found WriterCon.

At WriterCon 2019, I made a promise to myself that I would do "something" worthy of being asked to speak at WriterCon 2020. I speak at safety conferences all the time, so if not me, who? In September, 2020, my first book in The Veritas Codex Series, was born. I achieved my goal and was a speaker at WriterCon (and will be again in 2021). I found my path to publication thanks to contacts I made at WriterCon!

One of the first rules of leadership is "the job of every leader is to create other leaders." I truly believe the job of any writer is to create other writers, and I want to help you find your true potential. Don't make your talent wait for your courage to catch up. YOU can do it, we'll show you how!

For more information and to register for WriterCon visit

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