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How "Oklahoma" Can You Get?

Well, I can get pretty Okie. I may not have been born in Oklahoma, but that wasn't my choice. My family just happened to be in Missouri when I was born, and they moved home as soon as we could. So, I consider myself an Okie through and through. Our family came to Oklahoma long before Statehood and we have several family members registered in the First Families of the Twin Territories - as well as family members listed on the Dawes Rolls.

If that's not enough, I submit for your consideration, the following. At midnight tonight, my new favorite episode of the Okie Bookcast: Pages to Pictures drops! In this exciting episode, my friend J Hall and I will break down the classic children's book, Where the Red Fern Grows, and the 1974 film adaptation.

In Oklahoma, this was a required book for all fourth graders when I was in school, and it began a lifelong obsession - a foray into madness - because of a book I love but cannot read the end of. It's just too sad. Still, this is the book that taught me about the power of the character's voice. It inspired me to become the writer I am today, and - in my humble opinion - the movie does the writing justice. (But more about that on the podcast ...)

Even though I must have read this book 50 times, and seen the 1974 movie adaptation almost as many, I still find new nuggets of delight every single time I open my tattered copy. Case in point: Recently, I read Where the Red Fern Grows again, low and behold I found something that is truly unfreakingbelievable, and you're NOT going to want to miss it.

If you live in Oklahoma, have visited Oklahoma, or would like to come to Oklahoma, this book is by far one of the most "Oklahoma Books" you'll ever read - though J says Lou Berney's The Long and Faraway Gone holds that title. (I haven't finished reading it, yet.)

So, go find something good to read, but also go check out The Okie Bookcast wherever you get your favorite podcasts. While you're at it, go visit J on The Okie Bookcast website here:

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