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Happy Beltane!

Recently, I met with my writing partner - aka former college professor and very good friend - to do our Sunday critique meeting and I was reading a scene from one of the upcoming Veritas Codex books when he suddenly looked up and me and I paused. "What?" I asked.

"I finally figured it out," he said. "You're a witch! Why didn't I see it sooner?"

In my reader reviews I've been called a 'wizard' and my books have been called 'supernatural treasures', but no one's ever called me a witch to my face (though I have been called worse). I never have thought of myself as a witch, but I realized, he may not be wrong.

By definition, a witch is a woman thought to have magical powers, though usually powers used for evil. But I reject that, if anything, I might be a white witch because I only use my powers for good.

When I'm writing, it's always my goal to cast a spell over the readers to take them into a fantastical world that's a creation all my own, but so similar to the real world that the margins are blurred and it's hard to tell where reality and fantasy begins or ends.

Beltane is one of those Celtic holidays where the borders are blurred between seasons of spring and summer. With a Celtic bloodline, I love the old legends and lore of my ancestors.

One of the four quarter day festivals, this observance is hugely important time on the turning of the wheel of the year. The word Beltane literally means "bright fire" so it's no surprise that Beltane is the time of the great fire festival. Tonight, I will sit out on my back patio (because I spent the day yesterday cleaning it up) and I'll light some candles (because mosquitos are already out) and maybe I'll drink a toast to the new moon, the change of seasons, and the old customs from my pagan roots; because apparently, I'm a witch.

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