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Finding Bigfoot: In Oklahoma

Recently, I met a fellow Oklahoma author on-line who writes books very much like my own. Through Facebook Messenger, John Vandeventer and I discussed our books, and found correlations between our characters, plots and experiences. On a whim, I talked my husband into a quick road trip down to Talihina (about a 3-hour drive from OKC) to meet John (in person) and support him at his book signing Saturday. (You can find his Relics series on Amazon). While there, I met many of his friends and connections in the local paranormal community and it felt like we'd known each other forever.

After the event, hubby and I took a detour south to the Bigfoot capital of Oklahoma, Honobia. This is where the annual Bigfoot festival is held every fall, and one of the few places in Oklahoma I had never been before. This is one of the few areas of Oklahoma that has some decent mountains and some very dense forests. The Ouachita Mountains cover a vast region of southeastern Oklahoma and Arkansas, perfect habitat for any potential North America Wood Ape species.

We drove the scenic Indian Highway, and even stopped for a quick photo op in Honobia. After a quick stop for gas on the Indian Nation Turnpike, we headed for home, happy and excited to have made new friends, seen new sites. We even found the perfect campground to take our popup camper when we need a weekend getaway.

We'll certainly be back to see John again soon.

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