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Dream Bigger

One of my favorite podcast hosts always asks his listeners this traditional first question, "What's one bit of advice you'd give to a new writer?" Having been on the show a couple of times, my answer has changed over the years. If asked today, I would say, "Dream Bigger". When I started writing my only goal was to get published. Over the years of that not happening, I decided, maybe it was just enough to entertain myself and a few trusted readers. But it wasn't enough.

In 2019, I was at WriterCon and I set a goal -- to do one thing worthy of getting asked to be a speaker at WriterCon 2020. I didn't know what that was, but I wrote it down. I wrote it on my heart, and in 2020, I got my first book published and had a contract for more. I never imagined a series about Bigfoot would lead me to a robust writing career. And you know what, I got to speak at WriterCon 2020, 2021, 2022, and I will again in 2023 this Labor Day Weekend -- a lot. I'm thrilled to find my weekend is jammed packed with appearances, book signings and presentations on the craft. I'm already getting ready.

So much has happened in the four years since I set that goal that led to making a lifelong dream come true. But all of this is just a starting point, and I am dreaming bigger.

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What advice would you give a new writer? What advice do you wish someone had given you when you were new at this?

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