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Book Birthday: A legend is born

I recall with vivid clarity the day before my second child was born. I’d been having irregular contractions for a couple of days, but that day, they’d been more frequent and more intense. While I was excited I was worried too. I had a three year old son and wasn’t sure how I would manage a new baby and still give him all the love and attention he was accustom to. It’s surprising how alike it is as a new author expecting the arrival of my second book, The Jaguar Queen (Book 2 of The Veritas Codex Series). I’m excited because I love this story but also nervous and worry of it will be as well-received as The Veritas Codex.

January 12th is my 2nd ”baby’s” birthday.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the 2nd book in The Veritas Codex Series. If your not, maybe this will pique your interest:

In The Jaguar Queen, we catch up with Lauren and Rowan just weeks before the predicted Maya apocalypse of 2012. The Network is keen on having an episode of The Veritas Codex on the ancient Maya and the possible end-of-days. Unfortunately, Lauren is due to give birth soon and can’t travel, so it’s up to Rowan to lead a small team on their quest. In the middle of their investigation, the team encounters a saboteur who is willing to stop at nothing to find what he’s looking for.

While Rowan deals with threats to his team, Lauren uncovers shocking truths—and the saboteur launches plans that put her in deadly danger. Can Lauren save herself, her team, and the world? Can she discover the hidden forces she needs to avert a catastrophic conclusion? Can the prophesied doomsday be averted?

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