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The worst place for an author to be, in my humble opinion, is that void between finishing one book and starting another. I won't call it writer's block. It's just getting the ideas to flow, and to do that, you have to prime the pump. You gotta write.

While I have plenty of ideas for books, getting something to gain traction can be the hard part. Over the past few days, I've been editing and working on promotions, and just writing out ideas when they come to me.

Today, I had plans to meet a fellow author for coffee and brainstorming, but due to a family commitment, he had to reschedule. My husband had plans for the morning and my teenager is basically a vampire, so I sat down and just started typing. By the time I got up to get some lunch I had a whole prologue and a rough draft of the basic story idea. Before bedtime, half of chapter one is finished. It's been a productive day. 3000+ words in one day. I love it when I can type that hashtag #AmWriting.

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