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A Christmas-y Book by the Fire?

Who doesn't love curling up with a good book by the fire? I'll take a cup of coffee with mine, if you're offering. This time of year, that's where you'll often find me. I'm wrapping up re-writes for Book 7 and I want to thank everyone for being patient. (No, I don't know when it's coming out. I kind of have to finish this rewrite and run it through the editing process, but my goal is early next year. I have to get it as close to perfect as possible before now and then. )

Since you have some time to kill before the next book comes out, allow me to remind you (or inform you, if you didn't already know) that there's a Veritas Codex Novella in Christmas Tapestry: A Collection of Holiday Tales, along with some great pieces from friends of mine, featuring all their series characters. (Check all of them out while you're waiting, too.)

In The Krampus Conspiracy, Lauren and Rowan are called away from Paris where Lauren and the team are nominated for several awards -- including the prestigious Scientist of the Year Award -- to investigate the death of a priest and an attack on a young boy in Germany. The suspect? None other than the Christmas Demon, himself ... Krampus. Can Lauren and Rowan solve the mystery and stop the beast before he strikes again, and so they can get home in time for Christmas?

You won't want to miss this exciting -- and important -- piece of Veritas Codex canon. I'm not kidding when I tell you this novella has a couple of easter eggs that will be an important part of the next six books in The Veritas Codex paranormal thriller series.

Check out these other exciting books in The Veritas Codex series:

  1. The Veritas Codex

  2. The Jaguar Queen

  3. The Alien Accord

  4. The Monk's Grimoire

  5. The Lost Templar

  6. The Pirate's Curse

  7. The King's Ransom (coming soon!)

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