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10 Terrifying Tales - 10 Terrific Authors - 1 Good Cause

Ladies and Gentlemen, this Saturday we celebrate the launch of a unique writing project that all began with a few friends on Instagram talking about ways they could work together. Someone thought about a Halloween-themed anthology, but what to do about the money side of this business venture. Let's donate it all to a good cause! I'm not sure who's idea that was, but when I was approached with the idea, I was 100% on board, even though -- let's face it, Horror isn't exactly my genre. Good thing I'm adaptable. In a couple of weeks, the idea for "No Boys Allowed", my contribution to the project came into fruition.

Jon Bowen is an OSBI Investigator who's been working a 35-year-old cold case. In 1977, three girls disappeared from the Sunshyne Girls Camp and two boys were found murdered. When Jon gets a call that there's been a copy-cat case, he heads to far southeastern Oklahoma to investigate. What he finds is a scene so gory, so terrifying, he can hardly believe it. As he starts to put the pieces together, he realizes the 1977 case file has been whitewashed and everything he thought he knew about the original crime was a lie.

With new evidence at hand, he realizes he's out of his league and he makes a call that could bring his past back to haunt him. His old flame Sabrina Bishop is a clairvoyant empath with the ability to see into the minds of even the most traumatized. Working together can Jon and Sabrina find the missing girls, catch a killer and put to rest a crime that has gone unsolved for far too long?

Check out No Boys Allowed, along with the other great stories, and help make a difference in our community!

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